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Bliss Bundle - Yoga & Meditation Bundle

Bliss Bundle - Yoga & Meditation Bundle

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Zafu - Organic Meditation Pillow (Colour)
Yoco - Organic Cork Yoga Mat (Thickness)
Yin - Essential Oil Burner (Colour)
Our meditation and yoga bundle includes everything you need for peaceful meditation sessions and intense yoga practices. Yoco is a sustainable yoga mat made with natural rubber and super grippy cork wood. Zafu is 100% organic and the buckwheat hull filling adapts to your unique body shape to support proper posture. Yin is minimal and modern and once you light your candle it starts diffusing your favourite scent within 1 minute.



Outer cover material: Organic cotton

Inner cover material: Organic cotton

Filling: Organic buckwheat hulls

Eco-standard: GOTS certified


Surface material: Natural cork wood

Base material: Natural rubber


Stand material: Iron

Dish material: Ceramic

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30cm diameter x 12cm high

Weight: 2kg


Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm

Thickness: 0.5cm

Weight: 3.2kg


Dimensions: 135mm x 120mm

Height: 80mm

Weight: 0.2kg

Care Instructions


Cover can be hand washed in 20°C water and hung up to dry


Wipe with room temperature water and a reusable cloth


Rinse dish after each few uses once cooled down

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We only use GOTS certified organic materials in our meditation pillow to make sure that it's as environmentally friendly as possible

Learn More About GOTS
  • Ursula

    "Absoutly love my Mediation Cushion which I treated myself to for my birthday. I find it extreamly comfortable and firm for short or long sessions and it is extremely well made with an invisible zip and handle. Delighted with it!"

  • Barry

    "If you like yoga you're really going to love this yoga mat. One of the reasons being is that the grip is superb! I practice a lot of hot yoga and I teach a lot of hot yoga and the wetter this mat gets, the more grippy it becomes!"

  • Denise

    "I use this much more than I thought I would. The dish of water and oil lasts a long time so I find myself lighting a candle and enjoying the fragrance from the oils pretty much every day."


Our yoga mats are made from natural cork which gives them an extremely grippy surface that actually improves the more you sweat

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Once you light your candle, Yin starts diffusing your favourite scent within only 1 minute so that you can kick back and relax straight away


The carry strap means you can grab your Zafu and head out into the forest, the beach or anywhere you like to enjoy a peaceful meditation

  • Zafu Improves Your Posture

  • This Bundle Plants 3 Trees

  • Yoco Has Superior Grip


Cork is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial meaning it kills off germs and stops odours from building up


What materials is Zafu made from?

The inner and outer bags of Zafu are both made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the filling is made from organic, upcyled buckwheat hulls.

What makes Yoco different?

Our mats are made from natural and sustainable materials that come together to create the perfect mat with the best grip.

How long does Yin burn for?

Depending on how much oil and water you have in the dish and what size candle you use it usually lasts from anywhere between 1 - 3 hours.

Where do you plant your trees?

At the moment we're working on projects in Madagasgar because of the drastic need to repair forests there and rebuild what we've lost due to deforestation.

What if I don't like it when it arrives?

If you're not 100% hapy with your meditation & yoga bundle when it arrives you can send it back to us for free within 30 days for a full refund.


The dish holds up to 50ml of liquid giving it a long burning time so you can focus on your meditation, yoga or just relax with a loved one

  • Shanti

    "Received my meditation cushion and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! It has it's own little energy and definitely brightens up my living room. I smile everytime I look at it. So comfy too and adjusts and supports your posture."

  • Johana

    "Absolutely love it !!! I could do my practice with no worries of slipping! I sweat a lot while I practice so I need a mat that can work with me and this one is my perfect match! During my hops and transitions never moved once!"

  • Caoimhe

    "My little yoga companion! I light this every time I do yoga and it helps me to feel more peaceful and focus on my breathing. Super easy to clean it too when I'm done which is great!"


Zafu has an adaptive, organic filling that naturally adjusts to your unique body shape to help improve your posture while you meditate.