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Bloco - Organic Cork Yoga Block

Bloco - Organic Cork Yoga Block

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Bloco is our organic cork yoga block, crafted with love. It's got smooth edges and is super grippy and if your hands start getting sweaty, it actually gets even more grippy - thank you cork wood! Beautifully designed, sustainable and to top it all off, when you buy one, you're also planting a tree! What's not to love? :)


100% organic cork wood

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Dimensions: 22cm x 15cm x 7cm

Weight: 0.7kg

Care Instructions

Wipe with room temperature water and a reusable cloth

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Our yoga blocks are made from natural organic cork which gives them an extremely grippy surface that actually improves the more you sweat


Cork is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial meaning it kills off germs and stops odours from building up

  • Incredible Grip

  • Plants a Tree

  • Soft Surface


We only use sustainable organic cork for our blocks unlike a lot of others which are made from PVC - the most toxic consumer plastic on the planet