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Yin - Essential Oil Burner

Yin - Essential Oil Burner

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Once you light your candle, Yin oil burner starts diffusing your favourite scent within 1 minute. The ceramic dish is removable too, making it easy to clean. It holds up to 50 ml of liquid giving it a long burning time making it the perfect home decor addition to help bring a calm ambience to your space.


Stand material: Iron

Dish material: Ceramic

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Dimensions: 135mm x 120mm

Height: 80mm

Weight: 0.2kg

Care Instructions

Rinse dish after every few uses once cooled down

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Once you light your candle, Yin starts diffusing your favourite scent within only 1 minute so that you can kick back and relax straight away

  • Denise

    "I use this much more than I thought I would. The dish of water and oil lasts a long time so I find myself lighting a candle and enjoying the fragrance from the oils pretty much every day."

  • Sean

    "I bought this for my wife and ended up buying a second one afterwards too because it was such a hit! Really modern and sleek design."

  • Caoimhe

    "My little yoga companion! I light this every time I do yoga and it helps me to feel more peaceful and focus on my breathing. Super easy to clean it too when I'm done which is great!"


The dish holds up to 50ml of liquid giving it a long burning time so you can focus on your meditation, yoga or just relax with a loved one

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The dish is removeable and made from a very high-quality ceramic making it simple to keep nice and clean

  • Easy to Clean

  • Plants a Tree

  • Long Burn Time


Yin uses a minimal and stylish design to bring a feeling of peace into your home using a combination of 2 high-quality materials


What makes this burner different?

Yin is made from very high qulity materials, isn't an over the top design and doesn't come wrapped in any plastic.

How long does it burn for?

Depending on how much oil and water you have in the dish and what size candle you use it usually lasts from anywhere between 1 - 3 hours.

Where do you plant your trees?

At the moment we're working on projects in Madagasgar because of the drastic need to repair forests there and rebuild what we've lost due to deforestation.

What if I don't like it when it arrives?

If you're not 100% hapy with your oil burner when it arrives you can send it back to us for free within 30 days for a full refund.